Slick Sixty
Nibs & Nabs
COT CD 025

01   Hilary, Last Of The Pool Sharks
02   Recliner Classic
03   Someone Else's Square
04   The Wrestler
05   God's Own Dustmen
06   Dun Deal (Wrestler's Rematch)
07   Margo's B&B
08   Mungo, Return Of The Master Blaster
09   Bridgette's Dustman (Reprise) (mp3)

Review (source): On Slick Sixty's full-length debut, the British trio lay down sleepy, after-hours electro-funk with a heavy '70s/retro influence. This isn't block-rockin' stuff here, just pleasant, smoky electronica built on a foundation of lazy beats, live instruments, and some superb cutting and scratching from guest DJ Scratch Professor. Some of the album feels like filler around the excellent single "The Wrestler," but the overall vibe of Nibs and Nabs is seductively samey. ~ Andy Hinds, All Music Guide